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All necessary parts for installation in one kit
iLX-705DM_car-stereo-with_KIT-7LEON_installed-in-SEAT-LEOM KIT-7LEON_iLX-702DM_AndroidAuto-Menu KIT-7LEON_Online-Navigation_iLX-702DM_AdnrdoidAuto-Map KIT-7LEON_DAB-Plus-Digital-Radio_iLX-702DM KIT-7LEON_Online-Navigation_iLX-702DM_Apple-CarPlay-Map KIT-7LEON_Online-Navigation_iLX-702DM_Google-Maps Installation-Kit-for-Seat-Leon_KIT-7LEON iLX-705D_iLX-705DM_Chassis iLX-702D_iLX-702DM_Chassis

7" Installation Kit for Seat Leon 2013 - 2017


The 7-inch installation kit for Seat Leon includes all parts needed to install the iLX-702DM into your Leon. The optional interface APF-X310MIB allows to retain the car’s air condition and heater control screens as well as the optical parking sensor representation. The interface also will connect the iLX-702DM to your steering wheel control buttons. Antenna adapter with phantom feed included.

Please Note the iLX-702DM is a modification of the regular iLX-702D. The 1DIN chassis is fit to its upper position on the back, for easy installation into your Seat Leon.

The 7”  Digital Media Station iLX-702D / iLX-702DM, features DAB+, HDMI, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

Informazioni sul Prodotto
Alpine Style Mobile Media Designed for SEAT Leon - KIT-7LEON

Designed for SEAT Leon to install the iLX-702DM

The 7-inch (17.8cm) high-resolution display of the iLX-702DM smoothly integrates into your SEAT Leon dashboard and allows full operation of the system via touch-screen technology and features the latest video technology for outstanding picture clarity, contrast and resolution. The Alpine system allows you to enjoy movies, music videos or TV shows from many different sources, such as DVDs from the optional optical drive, USB sticks, the latest smartphones with HDMI output or portable video devices (optional cables or adapters are required). You can also connect your iPod touch or iPhone via HDMI to enjoy your video content on the high-resolution 7-inch display. Alpine even offers an all-new DVB-T2 tuner (TUE-T220DV) if you like to watch TV programs while you are waiting in traffic jams. For driving safety, the video playback feature is only available if the vehicle is not in motion. You can now even playback Hi-Res Audio files in FLAC format – including 24/96 and 24/192 Hi-Res Audio compatibility.

SEAT Leon Steering Wheel Remote Control Buttons KIT-7LEON
SEAT Leon - Vehicle Settings - KIT-7LEON

Steering Wheel Control Buttons

The Alpine system is connected to your steering wheel control buttons. This means you do not lose this convenient feature when upgrading to Alpine and you will have full control over volume, phone, audio track forward/backward and many other commands. You can even activate Siri voice control if you have an iPhone connected to the system – right from your steering wheel.

Vehicle System Setup

The original Seat radio display is used to show and set up vehicle settings and display warning messages. By upgrading to Alpine you will not lose this important feature: the Alpine system is compatible with the Leon’s electronic systems and can therefore display all menus and warnings.

SEAT Leon Parking Sensors KIT-7LEON
SEAT Leon - Rear View Camera - KIT-7LEON

Parking Sensors

If your car is equipped with original parking sensors, you will not lose this convenient feature when upgrading to Alpine. The parking sensor system is connected to your Alpine screen, showing a convenient distance display when parking your car.

Rear View Camera

Alpine offers a wide variety of rear and front drive assist cameras. You can choose from simple reversing cameras with distance guides up to 180-degree cameras with corner-view technology to assist you in many driving situations.

Caratteristiche Tecniche


  • Installation kit for Seat Leon 2013 -
  • Enables flush-mount installation
  • Antenna adapter with phantom feed included.

Compatible Cars

Model year
Leon 3 / ST / SC / SC Cupra (5F)
11/2012 - 12/2016

* Not combatible with SEAT sound system. We are not able to retain the traffic sign recognition. A few other functions or settings are retained but may be controlled in a different fashion.