Ready-to-use Amplified Subwoofer Box for Awesome Levels of Deep, Resonant Bass

Subwoofer Amplificato in Cassa da 12" (30cm) - SWD-355

Eccellente performance dei bassi in aggiunta ad una gestione di potenza elevata ed efficienza del subwoofer a 12" ( 30 cm) in combinata con l'amplificatore digitale V-Power MRV-M250  per una maggiore qualità in potenza.     

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Caratteristiche Tecniche



  • SWE-1244E - 12" (30cm) Subwoofer (4Ohm)
  • MRV-M250: Digital V-POWER Mono Amplifier
  • High Quality Bass Reflex Box
  • Remote Bass Level Control


12” (30cm) SWE-1244E Subwoofer

  • 650W Peak Power Handling
  • Heavy Duty Subwoofer Grill
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 200Hz

 MRV-M250 Amplificatore Mono incorporato

  • V-POWER DIGITAL (class-D)
  • 550W Max Power
  • 150W RMS into 4Ohm @14,4V 1%THD
  • Adjustable Low Pass Filter, 50-400Hz @24dB/oct.
  • Variable Bass EQ (fc=50Hz), 0 to +12dB
  • RCA & Speaker Inputs

High Quality Bass Reflex Box

  • White Illuminated Alpine Logo (pulsing)
  • Removable Port Plug for Sealed and Vented Operation
  • All Plug Connectors (Easy Removal, no Tools Required)
  • Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 392mm (H) x 315mm / 422mm (D)

Remote Bass Level Control

  • 12dB of linear Adjustment Range
  • 5m Connection Cable included
  • Easy plug and play Installation