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Ready-to-use Amplified Subwoofer Box for Awesome Levels of Deep, Resonant Bass

Subwoofer Amplificato in Cassa da 12" (30cm)


Eccellente performance dei bassi in aggiunta ad una gestione di potenza elevata ed efficienza del subwoofer a 12" ( 30 cm) in combinata con l'amplificatore digitale V-Power MRV-M250  per una maggiore qualità in potenza.     

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Caratteristiche Tecniche



  • SWE-1244E - 12" (30cm) Subwoofer (4Ohm)
  • MRV-M250: Digital V-POWER Mono Amplifier
  • High Quality Bass Reflex Box
  • Remote Bass Level Control


12” (30cm) SWE-1244E Subwoofer

  • 650W Peak Power Handling
  • Heavy Duty Subwoofer Grill
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz - 200Hz

 MRV-M250 Amplificatore Mono incorporato

  • V-POWER DIGITAL (class-D)
  • 550W Max Power
  • 150W RMS into 4Ohm @14,4V 1%THD
  • Adjustable Low Pass Filter, 50-400Hz @24dB/oct.
  • Variable Bass EQ (fc=50Hz), 0 to +12dB
  • RCA & Speaker Inputs

High Quality Bass Reflex Box

  • White Illuminated Alpine Logo (pulsing)
  • Removable Port Plug for Sealed and Vented Operation
  • All Plug Connectors (Easy Removal, no Tools Required)
  • Dimensions: 450mm (W) x 392mm (H) x 315mm / 422mm (D)

Remote Bass Level Control

  • 12dB of linear Adjustment Range
  • 5m Connection Cable included
  • Easy plug and play Installation